Friday Section

Firstly thanks to those members that have responded to ‘getting back to the club’ email I sent on Monday - so far only 6 have responded, which is fairly disappointing really, it’s only 3 questions to answer and email back, the main reason for this info is so that Barry can send it on to the committee, to show we want to get back to the club as soon as is safe to do so, so it is important - please by tomorrow reply and we can get things moving thanks.

So last night we met up at the top road looking over Binbrook to try some Landscape, also there was an ok sunset - hope those that got images got something from the night and some images to play around with - was good to just get out and at least it was dry !

Have spoken to George recently and he’s doing well and has bought some new camera equipment 👍 Also have spoken to Tom he’s well too, I asked him ref the calendar and he’s still awaiting info on when the images are needed, so as advised for now put any images you have for the calendar in a folder on your desktop - or you still have time when your out to get some images of Landmarks in Cleethorpes and Grimsby.

I haven’t heard from anyone else - hope all other members not on zoom are ok ? Would be nice to see other non zoomers on nights out - seeing as though we can actually get out now - it is safe and allowed to do so and we’re outside and we social distance.

Remember to keep getting images for comps when we get back to the club. So next week is : Barry’s Quiz on zoom. Have a good week.